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Conscious recovery: Nicotine cessation resources in the Philadelphia area

Let’s review some of the support and resources available in the Bryn Athyn/Philadelphia area for those who would like to kick the nicotine habit. Most hospitals have smoking cessation programs. These links will give access to contact information for all hospitals and medical centers in the five county Philadelphia area by county. And, if you waited too long to free yourself from nicotine addiction and now require smoking related medical services, this list will be helpful in locating those.

The Smoke Free Philly website is a good site to find local cessation programs and it has a handy ‘how much you will save’ calculator on its home page. Access it here:

The free Pennsylvania quit line number is 1-800-QUIT-NOW where you can find out information regarding quit smoking programs that are free or low-cost.

Another great option is the 12 Step option. The NicAnon website has a meeting search function you can use to find NicAnon meetings near you. Learn about Nicotine Anonymous here:

Finally, a six week smoking cessation course “Power to Quit” will begin on Thursday January 6, 2011at 7:00 pm at The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania (formerly known as the “Bucks County Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency”). This course will be conducted at The Council’s Women’s Recovery Community Center, 25 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA 18901 and co-facilitated by yours truly. Topics covered will include Healthy Behaviors, The Truth About Tobacco, Changing Behaviors, Coping With Cravings, Managing Stress, and Planning Ahead. For additional information or to register, please call Kathleen Jones, 215.489.6120, ext 4.

There is a good amount of help available if you are ready to get serious about dealing with this expensive, dirty, and very unhealthy addiction. Quitting your nicotine addiction is a very good way to begin a personal program of health and wellness that will be great for you and a positive influence on those around you.

Here’s a list of smoking cessation resources of various types which might prove helpful. It was found on the website of the Children’s Advocacy Project of Philadelphia (


Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

Smoke-Free Philadelphia

English-speaking adults

Location: North and Northeast
Sponsor: Jefferson Health Systems
Phone #: 215-955-0455

Location: Center City, West and Northwest
Sponsor: Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia
Phone #: 215-748-9700

Chinese-speaking adults

Location: South Philadelphia
Sponsor: Chinatown Medical Services
Phone #: (215) 627-8000 (by appt.)

Spanish-speaking adults

Location: City-Wide
Sponsor: Concillio
Phone #: 215-627-3100

Women only & men only classes

Location: City-Wide
Sponsor: Drexel University Community Relations
Phone #: 215-762-8120

Health-center based

Locations: Various locations
Sponsor: Health Federation of Philadelphia
Phone #: (215) 567-8001

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community

Location: Center City/other selected sites
Sponsor: Mazzoni Center
Phone #: 215-563-0652 x 242

People with HIV/AIDS

Location: West/Southwest Philadelphia
Sponsor: Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia
Phone #: 215-748-9700

Telephone Counseling – Pennsylvania Quitline 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Available in English and Spanish

Freedom from Smoking – American Lung Association

Free smoking cessation classes for adults

Can also call 1-800-LUNG-USA

American Respiratory Alliance 1-800-220-1990

Offers adult and teen smoking cessation classes as well as facilitator training

Smoking Cessation Classes – Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Contact: Claire Jones 215-977-8996

Also provides training for providers

Smoking Cessation Classes – Montgomery County

Tobacco Control Research Branch – National Cancer Institute

Tobacco Cessation Guideline

Delaware Valley Health Resources

Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania 215-731-6186

TEACH = Tobacco-Free Education & Action Coalition for Health, Youth Tobacco Cessation Program

Albert Einstein HealthCare Network 1-800-EINSTEIN or 215-456-6487

Smoking cessation support groups meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 4-5 pm

The Foundation for Innovation in Nicotine Dependence

Current smoking treatment methods and medications

Surgeon General

Clean Air for Healthy Children 1-800-375-5217

A continuing education program for clinicians who treat/counsel pregnant women, mothers, caregivers of young children and teens who smoke, is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and contractually administered by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Smoking Cessation Program for Expectant Mothers

Delaware’s Smoking Quitline 1-866-409-1858

New Jersey’s Quitline 1-866-657-8677

Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS): How to Quit

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