Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 Step program proliferation: How many are there?

Just for fun, let’s take a quick look at the proliferation of 12 Step-based recovery programs. One internet site lists no less than 54 separate fellowships under 8 general category headings. It all started when Bill Wilson met Dr. Bob Smith on June 10, 1935 and AA was born.

The 8 categories and 54 fellowships are as follows.

Under the ‘alcoholism’ category we see three programs. These are AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), and Al-Anon/Alateen (for friends and family members of alcoholics).

In the ‘addiction’ category we have nine fellowships – NA (Narcotics Anonymous), AAA (All Addictions Anonymous), CA (Cocaine Anonymous), CDA (Chemically Dependent Anonymous), CMA (Crystal Meth Anonymous), MA (Marijuana Anonymous), Co-Anon (for friends and family of addicts), Nar-Anon (for friends and family members of addicts),and NicA (Nicotine Anonymous).

This is followed by the three in the ‘gambling addiction’ category containing GA (Gamblers Anonymous), Gam-Anon/Gam-A-Teen (for friends and families of problem gamblers), and OLGA (On-Line Gamers Anonymous).

Then there are the nine ‘sex and sex addiction’ fellowships comprised of SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous), COSA (Codependents of Sex Addicts), SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous), COSLAA (CoSex and Love Addicts Anonymous), SA (Sexaholics Anonymous), S-Anon (spouses and family members of sexaholics), SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous), SWA (Sex Workers Anonymous), and SIS (Sex Industry Survivors).

Another category contains thirteen 12 Step programs that are tailored for ‘psychiatric disorders and behaviors’. These are Dep-Anon (Depressed Anonymous), DDA (Dual Diagnosis Anonymous), DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous), NAIL (Neurotics Anonymous), OCA (Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous), SA (Schizophrenics Anonymous), SMA (Self-Mutilators Anonymous), SPA (Social Phobics Anonymous), WA (Workaholics Anonymous), CLA (Clutterers Anonymous), DA (Debtors Anonymous), and SA (Spenders Anonymous).

In the ‘eating’ related group there are eight. They are ABA (Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous), CEA (Compulsive Eaters Anonymous), EAA (Eating Addictions Anonymous), EDA (Eating Disorders Anonymous), FA (Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous), FAA (Food Addicts Anonymous), GSA (GreySheeters Anonymous), and OA (Overeaters Anonymous).

Then there is the ‘emotional issues’ category which includes seven fellowships. These are Chapter 9 (Couples in Recovery), CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous), EA (Emotions Anonymous), EHA (Emotional Health Anonymous), FA (Families Anonymous), RCA (Recovering Couples Anonymous), and SIA (Survivors of Incest Anonymous).

Finally, our ‘miscellaneous’ category holds two that can’t fit in anywhere else – A.R.T.S. Anonymous (not sure what this is) and RA (Recoveries Anonymous; the Solution Focused Twelve Step Fellowship).

Well, that was tedious – but it had to be done. Why? – To illustrate the power of the 12 Steps and their versatility in application to a large variety of problems. I wonder if any dysfunctions were omitted? Is there a TAA (Television Addicts Anonymous)? Or a CAR-Anon (Car Addicts Anonymous)? How about a DiabetAnon (Diabetics Anonymous) or a CPA (Couch Potatoes Anonymous)? There ought to be!

Can you think of a few more? Want to start a new one?

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